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Financial Inclusion Benchmarks

Last Updated: August 2023
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> What are the 60 Decibels Benchmarks?
Over the years, we’ve conducted 361,000+ interviews in 70 countries, with customers of 900+ companies through 1,651 Lean Data projects across multiple sectors: Energy, Agriculture, Financial Inclusion, Health, Education, and more. By asking the same questions across multiple projects, we’ve been able to develop benchmarks.

These benchmarks are the median performance of all our projects in financial inclusion. Going a step further, quintiles give insight into the range of performance. We can turn this into actionable recommendations by identifying what practices, business models, and more, the highest-performing companies employ.
This is a benchmark of the performance of 134 companies, across 45 countries, listening to over 58,167 customers.
This includes companies and organizations providing financial services, and data from the past 3 years. We’ll keep this page updated quarterly so you can always find the latest sector trends here.
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