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Our Approach

Our survey tool includes 39 questions to understand impact across 6 dimensions. For each MFI, we randomly sample approximately 275 of their clients. The interviews are conducted over the phone in local languages by our 60 Decibels-trained, in-country Research Assistants.

access, business impact, household impact, financial management, resilience, agency are the dimensions of impact
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The study helped Grooming Centre understand areas of improvement in the delivery of quality services on a continual basis and pursue opportunities to meet the needs of its evolving niche of clients.
- Grooming Center for Better Livelihoods, Nigeria

Why participate?

Get high quality feedback and impact analysis from 275 of your clients that you can use for fundraising, marketing, impact reporting, and strategy development
Receive a Performance Summary and private Online Dashboard with social performance results compared against peer institutions  
Join a global initiative to listen better to microfinance clients and improve their quality of life.
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MFIs will receive a 5-page PDF Performance Summary that provides a snapshot of the benchmarked results in a ready-to-share format as well as a raw data file, with all the anonymized data.  
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Participating MFIs will also receive a Private Online Dashboard with all of the findings, filterable across multiple segments (e.g. loan type). Your Index Ranking will be included here.
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